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Event Furniture Hire

Abc Event Furniture Hire. Rental of quality umbrella's, LED lighted furniture, tables chairs and other event accessories!


Lighted Furniture Hire and Rentals


ABC Event Furniture Hire is your one stop online shop for illuminated furniture Hire or Rental. We offer LED lighted Cubes Hire, Led lighted round Tables Hire, Led lighted round Chair rental, Led Ice Bucket Hire, Led lighted Curved Bench Hire for private functions, corporate events, conferences, weddings, exhibitions, film and much more. Covering : Somerset West, Cape Winelands and Cape Town areas. LED Furniture is also a great solution against load shedding issues.

Lumo furniture hire Durban

Ranging from our ever-popular LED Lighted Cubes which makes the perfect party seat, to our ambiance creating LED Lighted Lumo tables and curved benches. All our LED hire and rental furniture is of the latest trend, ensuring an exciting party or evening event. Creating that wow effect and contributing to ensure your event is a special and memorable one!

Lumo Party Illuminated cube

LED furniture during daytime

!!! NEW IN STOCK !!!!
Christmas tree for hire
LED Christmas Tree's for hire
50cm x 50cm x 28cm           R195-00 per tree/day
84cm H x 50cm x 15cm        R295-00 per tree/day
112cm H x 75cm x 18cm      R395-00 per tree/day

With 16 interchangable LED Lights colour.

wine glass ice bucket                                       
Wine Glass ice bucket                                                                 R350-00 per icebucket/day
LED Cube                                                                     

Dasimo Lighted Furniture Cube 40x40x40 cm                               R160-00 per cube/day

With 7 interchangable LED Lights.

Working hours : 6-8 hours

Every cube comes with a seperate charger and remote control.

LED lighted cubes rental


Led lighted balls                                                  

Dasimo Lighted Ball 40 cm                                                    R185-00 per Ball/day

Dasimo Lighted Ball 30 cm                                                    R160-00 per Ball/day

With 7 interchangable LED Lights.

Working hours : 6-8 hours

Every ball comes with a seperate charger and remote control.

Ball Led light

stackable chair                                                                                                

Dasimo Stackable chair large Ø83x66 cm                                        R280-00 per chair/day

With 16 interchangable LED Lights.

Working hours : 6-8 hours

Every chair comes with a seperate charger and remote control.

stackable chair small large led chairs                                

Dasimo Stackable chair small Ø69x66 cm                                       240-00 per chair/day

With 16 interchangable LED Lights.

Working hours : 6-8 hours

Every chair comes with a seperate charger and remote control.

stackable round table                                                                          

Dasimo stackable table round Ø56x36 cm                                    R205-00 per chair/day

With 16 interchangable LED Lights.

LED coffee table led coffee table                                          
LED coffee table 47x52 cm                                                 R240-00 per bench/day 
With 16 interchangable LED Lights.
curved bench                                                                      
LED bench  120x40x40  cm                                                R240-00 per bench/day 

With 8  interchangable LED Lights.

Working hours : 6-8 hours


led cocktail table                                                                                      

Dasimo  Cocktail Table Ø58x115 cm                                    R545-00 per table/day 

With 8  interchangable LED Lights.


ice light led                                                           

LED Ice lights                                                                                      R495-00 per/day 

With 8  interchangable LED Lights.

led ice bucket              

LED Ice Bucket with 7 interchangeable colours.                                 R95-00 per ice bucket/day


pink led bar                                      
LED Curved Bar Piece                                           R1900-00 per bar piece/day
With 7 interchangeable colours.
led straight bar 
Led Straight Bar piece                                        R1500-00 per bar piece/day
With 7 interchangeable colours.
led side piece
LED Corner Bar Piece (EXTENSION TO STRAIGHT BAR)     R950-00 per bar piece/day
With 7 interchangeable colours.

LED Cubes party furniture hire

Led Cubes

led ice lights

Ice Light

Led coffe table and cubes 

Led Cubes and Led Coffee Table

led curved bench

Led Curved bench and led cube

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"Your product is of a superior quality and it was very refreshing to receive goods from a new supplier without any disappointment ." C Raats Stich Studio

"Thanks very much for going the extra mileto assist us!" Hester B. Jan

"Service 100% - Your Staff 100% -Equipment - in excellent condition! I will send you a photo!

"Absolutely fantastic! Always willing to accomodate in every way. Love working with you guys!"

"BIG THANK YOU. I must admit, your service is excellent! And highly appreciated. Thank you for going the extra mile." 2015. Ashika

Thanks very much Stephanie! It was a successful day! And thanks for the fantastic service and quality of your items! Leigh 2015

Perfect condition and quality. I will definitely be using your company for future events. Including our company’s year end function in November. Megan 2015

Service was efficient and professional. 2015

The Furniture was a ABSOLUTE HIT!! People couldn’t stop and still can’t stop talking about it. Marinda 2015

The equipment contributed to a very successful baptism for my daughter and a perfect family event. I have already recommended you to my family and friends in the Tygervalley/ Durbanville/ Brackenfell/ Wellington area. Your service is professional and I will continue to recommend. Stanton 2015

It was great working with your company and we will make use of your services in the future. Riaan 2015

Thank you very much that we could make use of your service with our function on the 5 June 2015.  Your service was really excellent. The condition of your furniture was excellent and we would recommend you with a smile. Bonja 2015-06-09

I really want to thank you for that beautiful cubes and LED icebuckets it made my daugthers party look stunning. We've put it at the corners off lounge's and put small glass containers with a flower on it and it looked cjust stunning. All our guest were so amazed with effect of the hanging candle lanterns and the LED lanterns. It looked stunning thank you so much. Angeline April 2016

Thank you very much it was a great hit. Rochelle April 2016

Thank you so much for the LED furniture, I absolutely loved using it! Sharon. M April 2016.

Many thanks. Your service has been superb and a pleasure to deal with. Debbie U . May 2016